Dryer Vent Safety

When did you last have your dryer vent cleaned out? Debris and lint can build up in the dryer duct, which will cause your dryer to run at less than optimum efficiency. In addition, this buildup can create a potentially dangerous condition such as carbon monoxide intrusion and a fire hazard. If a gas clothes dryer is not vented properly, or if the exhaust duct becomes blocked by debris and lint, carbon monoxide may be forced into your living area.

House fires that are caused by dryers are far more common than one might think. In most cases, the fires are caused by a buildup of debris and lint throughout the dryer duct. The good news is that you can easily prevent these fires.

  • If you notice that your clothes are starting to take longer to dry, check the vent for a buildup of lint.
  • Replace a filter if it has a rip
  • Replace exhaust vents that are cracked
  • Keep the dryer area clean and free of flammable materials
  • Check the back of the dryer for things that may fall behind

The final thing that you need to do is to make sure that you regularly clean your vent. If you take these steps your dryer will last longer and remain safe for many years.

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