The Importance of Working with a Duct Cleaner who is Part of the NADCA

The Importance of Working with a Duct Cleaner who is Part of the NADCA

If you’re not working with a duct cleaner who is certified by the NADCA, you are probably not getting the best duct cleaning you could. The NADCA is an organization that trains and certifies professionals in the HVAC industry, and ensures that the highest standards of HVAC cleanliness are met. Working with a duct cleaner who isn’t part of the NADCA is like allowing a lawyer to represent you who hasn’t passed the bar exam.

The NADCA started in February of 1989 and began meeting regularly. By 1992, they had formed a Standard Committee and produced a definition of standards for duct cleaning. This allowed customers to know who they could trust to do their duct work.

The NADCA also created the very first certification program and designed an exam that tested students on duct cleaning, industry codes, standards and much more. The NADCA began offering the ASCS training class in 2001 and offers various forms of training today, including online classes.

As you can see, working with someone who is part of the NADCA means that you know they have gone through the proper training and been tested thoroughly, and that they will clean your ducts to the highest standards.

Advanced Air is currently a member of the NADCA and is fully trained and certified to meet all of the association’s standards. Call us today for your free phone estimate – (613) 831-9695

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