Duct Cleaning Facts

Many people do not think about all the traffic that goes through the air ducts of their home. If you start to see the following signs it is time to consider air duct cleaning services.

  • Water damage

  • Debris build up

  • Dust or cobwebs blowing from registers or air ducts

  • Mold or other slime inside the ducts

  • Evidence of rodents or insect infestations

  • Odors

  • Allergies and illness among family members


Why Cleaning your Air Ducts is Important

When air ducts are operating normally dust can accumulate throughout the ductwork and this can lead to microbial growth. Cleaning your air ducts can reduce the amount of growth and also increase the efficiency of your system.

Duct cleaning will depend on how much buildup is in your ducts. Trained technicians will come into your home and inspect all of your ducts. If your ducts need to be cleaned the technicians will bring in equipment in order to remove all of the debris from your ductwork. You will be asked to leave your home while the cleaning is taking place for safety reasons.

It is not recommended to clean air ducts yourself as improper cleaning can actually decrease the air quality of the home. Choose a reputable air duct cleaning service to perform the cleaning for you.


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