What Are the Advantages of Duct Cleaning

Americans keep their AC or heating on around the clock. The air conduits that spout out hot or cold air, experience a lot of dust and debris, pretty much the same way as your carpet.

Imagine not cleaning your carpet for 20 years; not a pretty sight, right? The case with your air duct is pretty much the same; only it can get your respiratory system dirty instead of your feet.

Molds, bacteria, dust mites, fungus, and mildew are the pathogens that build up in your duct. A clean duct can improve the overall quality of indoor air. Since indoor air is exponentially more polluted than outdoor air, and we spend most of the time indoors, a clean air duct can offer several benefits:

  • Clearing any blockages in your HVAC system
  • Improving indoor air quality
  • Reducing allergies
  • Extending the life of your AC system
  • Reducing household dust
  • Preventing mold problems

Needless to say, the disadvantages of not cleaning your air ducts will have the opposite effects.

The air duct is one of the places that can only be properly cleaned by a professional company. They will not only have the necessary knowledge and experience but also have specialized equipment such as cameras and cleaning tools to investigate the duct system and devise a cleaning plan.

While you might have to shell out your hard-earned cash to get your ducts cleaned, a clean duct can help you save up to 21% in energy costs. This long-term saving can be much greater than the duct cleaning cost.


How To Stop Allergies With Clean Indoor Air

Allergies are getting more and more common, and every household has someone that has some sort of allergy. But many people don’t realize that clean indoor air can reduce and even eliminate many allergic conditions.

One of the major sources of indoor air contamination is a dirty air duct. Ironically, the dirty air duct is also the elephant in the room that most people tend to ignore and only focus on vacuuming the carpet. Breathing in polluted air intensifies the chances of triggering allergies, or can make the allergy even worse.

Those who realize the importance of clean indoor air choose a professional air duct cleaning service to remove the debris typically found in home ducting that is part of forced air or other type of HVAC system.

Even doctors today are waking up to the reality that dirty indoor air is harmful and are now recommending that people consider professional air ducting cleaning.

Chronic allergies are a constant torture and can make anyone’s life a nightmare. But with just a little understanding of how to maintain clean, fresh indoor air can go a long way in minimizing allergies. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, for yourself and your family, it’s always a good idea to have your ducting cleaned every year. How quickly this improves your health and minimizes allergies will amaze even yourself.